Why the website?

Set up by neurosurgeons for neurosurgeons. Commercial interest in paediatrics is small due to the excellent service provided by government hospitals. However for certain procedures, or in certain countries finding the best paediatric neurosurgeon is very difficult.  We provide a database of all consultant neurosurgeons registered with their national body or international federation. We hope to facilitate patients or clinicians searching for the correct paediatric neurosurgeon.

Build a surgical profile

Surgeons can upload information about the their specialist interests and the hospital services they provide simply and easily. This allows family physicians and patients to compare and choose the best paediatric neurosurgery centre for their child. Create an account and submit your listing.  Once verified, your listing will be published and searchable. By combining all surgeons to a single website address, search engine optimisation for all surgeons listed is greater than that of individual websites at a fraction of the cost.


The website is free for users and surgeons. However it does need to generate income to pay for web administration and further development. Consequently the website owners may seek financial support from governing bodies and offer advertising for companies involved in the provision of neurosurgery for children to provide this service.